Comedian AY Reflects on Public Feuds, Offers Advice

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Ayo Makun, a renowned comedian known better as AY, has shared a profound message in the aftermath of his public feud with musician Seun Kuti and backlash over his insensitive comment about Davido.

AY in a post spotted by Beyond Boders on his Instagram page, acknowledged that regardless of one’s actions, there will always be someone with negative remarks. However, he advised not to take it personally.

The Nollywood actor and producer further emphasized that people often judge and criticize others when they are dissatisfied with their own lives.

AY added that individuals should remember that they do not need everyone’s approval to be happy.

“No matter what you do, someone will have something negative to say. Try not to take it personally. People judge and criticize others when they’re unhappy with their own lives. Just know that you don’t need everyone’s approval to be happy,” he stated.**

“Life is an accumulation of lessons, some of which are easily learned, while others pose more difficulties. Every situation life brings your way holds the potential for valuable lessons. It may be challenging to focus on the lessons when navigating tough circumstances, but it’s reassuring to remember that there is a lesson in there somewhere,” he added.

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His post has been met with mixed reactions. While some persons agreed to his opinion, others kicked against it. See comments below:

tajnitime: “E be like this say this Seun own touch you shaa, you just turn motivational speaker straight. Do what you preach bossman”

afroririhaircare: “Please don’t crack expensive jokes again. I don’t think I can forgive someone who used my child for a joke. It’s very sensitive o. I understand Seun. It’s expected that’s he should forgive but who are we to tell someone to heal and forgive easily. Give Seun his time to heal. His pain is valid. Ay has tried by apologisjng. Just leave it there. Stop posting about it Sir. Just move on with your life.”

jbaluko: “Bro as a father and matured man and as a veteran in the industry I just think you should apologize to Seun and his family and set better standards, it will be a plus for you , for real.”

officialmccasino: “Baba na soo ooo even if u d!e for people of this world dem go still complain say your burial no tough”

pretty.dessy.125: “You were so quick to apologize to Davido but you don’t feel the need to for seun….”

iyalodeofabuja: “I sha like the fact that as boring as they claim you are , you found your own niche and you are doing really great! I tap into same glory!”

judeengees: “U wrong bro. U don’t need ANYONES approval to be happy”

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