Davido Clarifies Decision to Stop Helping Viral Hawker

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David Adeleke, a Nigerian singer better known as Davido, has clarified his stance on helping a physically challenged hawker, who has been exposed to be a man disguising himself as a female, a few days ago.

Beyond Boders reports that Davido was criticized by a Nigerian man online for aborting his plans to help the physically challenged hawker

Recall that the hawker simply identified as Eniola, claimed to be a makeup artist from Osun State and gained internet fame after Nigerian skitmaker, Brain Jotter, spotted him hawking bottled water in Lagos traffic.

His story touched Brain Jotter, who transferred N400,000 to him to help him establish his makeup business and stop hawking.

It also went viral on social media, attracting the attention of many Nigerians, including Davido, who brought the trending video to his uncle’s attention.

Governor Adeleke praised Eniola, stating that he embodies the qualities that represent Osun State and expressed plans to contact him to explore opportunities for further education or makeup skill development.

However, barely 24 hours after receiving financial assistance, Brain Jotter revealed that Eniola had lied about being female and had deceived people into donating over N600,000.

“If I tell you say I no tire I dey lie, Just Negodu, Bro deceived us all. Some people has helped him with over 600k before. He lied!!! He is a man,” he wrote.

Davido upon learning of the revelation, advised Governor Adeleke to reconsider his plans to help the hawker, emphasizing that he should not be rewarded for deception.

“Excellency dem job us!! Dem say nah man. ABORT MISSION,” he wrote.

The post did not sit well with a man online as he felt the physically challenged should be helped despite his status. He wrote:

“Na Man, does that change anything tho? He is from Osun, he is challenged and d!sabled, he needs all the help he can get, he deserves a good life too!! He needs help!! Unless you and your uncle are clout chasers!!! The boy needs help!!!”

Davido responded, writing:

“U get money na .. ur last name nah ‘Adeleke’.. go help am ..”

See post below:


In reaction to Davido’s response above, netizens dropped the following comments:

n_lee_official_: “As funny as it is, does it still mean that men doesn’t deserve help?”

next_autos: “So they no Dey help man? Wetin man do man.”

limitless_acg01: “DJ play me, “Wetin man dey face for this world no be small, it’s all hard when you come From nothing, God knows I don’t joke with money.”

bigtimini: “But if we are going to be very honest …that guy will not likely get help If he didn’t lie about his gender …he understood that”

markangelcomedy: “Waitin man do man.”

tolani_baby_: “Is not a big deal to help a fellow Man but he lied and deceived a lot of people.”

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